New ‘House of Cards’ Season 6 Teaser Reveals Frank’s Fate

New ‘House of Cards’ Season 6 Teaser Reveals Frank’s Fate

Since Kevin Spacey was fired from?House of Cards?last November, following multiple allegations of sexual misconduct, most people have been wondering?how a final season will address his absence.?The obvious technique to kill off his Frank Underwood, which wouldn’t be extraordinary for the show full of twisted backstabbing and?politicians?who kill like it is a sport. Now a whole new teaser has finally confirmed Frank’s fate: he dead!

The latest tease shows Robin Wright’s Claire Underwood speaking with what initially definitely seems to be Frank. Hold on, it may not be actually him. “I’ll show you this Francis, when they bury me it certainly won’t be inside my backyard. And once they pay their respects, they’ve got to attend in line.”?The?camera pans on the gravestone of Frank’s father, then with a second one with Frank’s name etched across it.

The fifth season of?House of Cards ended surrounding the timeframe of March 2017, when Frank resigned and Claire finally entered into the Oval Office. Based upon?the?headstone, Frank have to have died sometime subsequently.?It’s unknown just when Season 6 normally takes place C should it certainly 2017 or jump to 2018??The biggest mystery though is?how Frank died, just in case anyone killed him. An organic death seems a tad too feasible for a show this filled with treachery and murder, and that he certainly had many enemies.

The final eight instances of?House of Cards arrive on Netflix on November 2.

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