What’s Leaving Netflix: October 2018

What’s Leaving Netflix: October 2018

It’s September 26 as I write these words, which leaves you just one week to observe some of these movies and shows leaving Netflix in October, totally on October 1. Some notable titles vanishing include Paul Thomas Anderson’s?Boogie Nights, Steven Spielberg’s super-underrated The Adventures of Tintin,?Michael Bay’s?Bad Boys, both?The Human Centipede 1?and?2,?and the first in support of season in the immortal TV classic?Freaks and Geeks. Oh,?Freaks and Geeks; you’re too beautiful to do this world. (For Netflix, apparently.)

Here’s the total set of October’s expiring titles on Netflix:

Leaving 10/1/18




Bad Boys

Boogie Nights

Cinderella Man

Curse of Chucky

Eyes Wide Shut

Freaks and Geeks: Season 1

Full Metal Jacket

Guess Who

Inside Man

Permit me to In

Life’s Beautiful

Menace II Society

Red Dragon

Scream 2

Sin City


The Adventures of Tintin

The Clan

The whole family Man

Man’s Centipede 2: Full Sequence

The Lost Boys

The Rugrats Movie

Trading Places

White Collar: Seasons 1-6

Leaving 10/2/18

A persons Centipede: First Sequence

Leaving 10/6/18


Leaving 10/8/18

90210: Seasons 1-5

Kubo as well as the Two Strings

Leaving 10/10/18

Leap Year

Leaving 10/13/18

The Nut Job

Leaving 10/14/18

About a Boy: Seasons 1-2

The Babadook

Leaving 10/17/18

Donnie Darko

Leaving 10/22/18

The Secret Life of Pets

Leaving 10/24/18


Leaving 10/25/18

Big Eyes

Queen of Katwe

Leaving 10/26/18

Southside With You

Leaving 10/28/18

Bridget Jones's Baby

Gallery – The most beneficial Netflix Original Films and television Shows:

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