‘Castle Rock’ Season Finale and Ending, Explained

‘Castle Rock’ Season Finale and Ending, Explained

Britt Hayes

September 13, 2018

The first season of Hulu’s?Castle Rock came to a close today, offering up strategies most of the season’s biggest?questions – while leaving other?mysteries unexplained. When we wait to observe how Season 2 from the Stephen King anthology series further explores the darkness that plagues the author’s most famous fictional town (this side of Derry, anyway), we’re test at the conclusion of the initial season to help make feeling of Henry Deaver as well as the Kid’s final interactions.

It go without having to say, but you will find?MAJOR?Castle Rock?spoilers ahead.?Turn back when you can! Otherwise, let’s get with it.

In Episode 9, Bill Skarsgard’s A child is an reason behind and the way he came to be held prisoner from the basement of Shawshank prison – but will we really buy that he’s a victim of circumstance? The season finale, “Romans,” casts further doubt for this story and lends more credence into the theory how the Kid is usually a monster from another universe who’s competent at traveling between dimensions, similar to some notable Stephen King antagonists. This implies which the “schismas” are incredibly real, though the Kid’s story about being Henry Deaver from another universe? Not so much.

Join ScreenCrush’s Ryan Arey because of this deep dive into the?Castle Rock?Season 1 finale, where he explores this is behind the eerie?last moments between Henry plus the Kid, and also the content really on the top of Henry’s mom, Ruth. In case you?love this video, you’ll want to click “like” and subscribe to the ScreenCrush YouTube channel, where you can get much more of our?video essays, easter egg guides and trailer breakdowns.

And check out a number of our other Stephen King videos below, including our ultimate self-help guide to every one of the easter eggs and references in Season 1 of?Castle Rock:

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